Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fairy good times!

Today is manic for me...have so much to do & not much time to do it....I think I will most definitely be burning the midnight oil tonight.
On a happy note I have some pictures to share with you all today....
Here are some of the new crafty makes I have been working on. I have been wanting to make these for ages but never quite got around to it. I am quite pleased with the way they have turned out....I do have  more but they are still under construction & need to be finished.
That goes for the fairy doors to.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Exciting times

Apologies for the lack of new posts on here....I have been soo busy I just haven't had time....(honest truth....I forgot all about my bad).
I am busy working on a few new projects, which I am really exited about.... something completely new....well new for me anyway. Have been waiting to have a go at these for ages but I am not going to say anymore until I have finished them & I can share some pictures with you all.

Apart from the new stuff I am still beavering away with all the Super hero goodies & Nic & I are busy prepping for upcoming Christmas fairs & our reguluar fortnightly stint at the Mack.
So much to do, but Nic has half term coming up so we can hopefully get lots done.

Last sunday I did the Vintage fair & had a blast met lots of lovely people...
Nic couldn't come as it was her sons birthday so I was flying Solo. I missed out on all the lindy hop & fashion shows as I was just too busy to leave the stall.

Lots of the steampunk & vintage style makes went to new homes & we have had lots of interest for more of the same.
I just don't have the time to take on commissions for the steampunk stuff at the moment.
I only really do one off makes, mostly to suit myself, but maybe in the new year I will design something new.

Seeing as I have nothing new to share tonight I will just add a rather fetching picture of Nic & I at the Mack last Saturday, if the wind had changed I would have been screwed lol...
Until next time....catch ya later special Llama's.