Monday, 31 December 2012

Poor me!

Woe is me! I have been ill since Christmas day with a rather nasty tummy bug.
I have not enjoyed any festive food or alcohol which was soul destroying lol. Stayed in bed until day after boxing day nursing the most horrendous stomach cramps, which are only now begining to ease off.

Plans for New Years have just not up to partying. Quiet time for the next few days just chilling out & trying out some proper food instead of dry crackers! Think it wise I do not leave the house for that!
To help lift my spirits I am going to start a new plans just going to go with the flow & see what I end up making.
Even if it is a load of rubbish will post a picture.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Express delivery!

Yey...some new goodies from Craft Barn!
Am just waiting on my new tattered angels mists & a few other bits & I will be good to go on my next project!
Merry Christmas me!

Pictures at last! They aren't great as I used my mobile & the light was dreadful, but it was the best I could do. I am sharing a Christmas gift I have made for one of my best friends Nic, who is also responsible for getting me started with the whole craft thing.
Nic's a teacher & also an avid reader so I thought the books would be perfect along with Graphic 45 ABC Primer collection.
I bought the wooden books from The Craft Barn online, they were just under £5 each, I couldn't find them any cheaper, as I wanted them with drawers. I gesso'd them & painted them with black acrylic paint, then went to work on adding my papers.

I kept this project very simple. I could have gone OTT, & I had to stop myself a few times from getting carried away. I think I may make myself something similar, not sure what theme yet...
I enjoyed making this & just hope she likes it.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Getting ready to get creative!

I have been crafting....made a "first Christmas" bunting for a friends baby, I forgot to take pictures before I gave it to her. Have also covered a diary for someone...nothing amazing but it is very pretty.
I keep forgetting to photograph everything.
Apologies for more waffle & no pics!

I have ordered everything I need to start my mixed media canvas.
Am VERY excited. Have'nt attempted anything like it before, but am just going to go with the flow. If it turns out bad I can always try again.
Some stuff I have ordered from the states like the tattered angels glimmer mists, & a few other things.
No clue how long that will take. Got a few bargains off ebay for watch parts, keys & hinges, so am happy.
I think I may do a configurations box whilst I wait.
Shabby chic maybe? Maybe include photo's.
I will post pictures of whatever I make (good or bad),
so you can see what I am up to.
Until next time....

Monday, 10 December 2012


I am bursting to start a new altered art project. I saw a you tube video ( cannot remember who's, but when I make it & post finished article I will make sure I give a huge credit).
It would be the perfect gift for her 40th birthday in April.
I can't say what it is as it is for my one & only subscriber lol...Yes that would be you Nic!

I have'nt done alot of crafting since my Christmas tree attempt....just a few cards really.
Have a "new baby" banner to make & a diary to cover this week so will post some pics of those.
I am also going to be starting a travel mini soon. My Tim Holtz papers have arrived so will start designing that out after Christmas.

Have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping just one more person to buy for. I am soo late this year. My intention was to give handmade gifts, but time just flew by. I don't think any of my family would want what I make. They show no interest lol. It would be resigned to the "Junk cupboard" never to be seen again.
In fairness I am still learning & there is ALOT of room for improvement.

I am just waffling on now, so until next time....catch you later special llama......

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Farewell Christmas crafting!

I have really struggled this year with my Christmas creations.
I am not being all bah humbug, I just can't seem to feel the love for Christmas crafting.
So, as a result I am packing away the festive cheer (once I have finished making my xmas cards), & banashing it to its resting place under my bed!
Goodbye jingle bells, holly & snow flake punches & embossing folders, I am admitting defeat.
I am looking forward to the new year & starting some exciting new projects that I have planned.
Until then...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!