Thursday, 5 February 2015

New makes coming soon!

Afternoon all.....I am taking five minutes to myself before I crack on with my "to do" list which is growing longer by the second.
I have been very busy this week with not just crafting but all the boring housework to. If I want to take the evening off tomorrow to watch rugby I need to get it all done & dusted by the morning.
I have a few new pieces to take to the flea market on Saturday....some lovely cone wreaths that I am really pleased with.
People are going mad for them so they never hang around long...I must remember to take pictures this time lol.
I am hoping to have time to play with the polymer clay again soon...I want to try & improve on my "babies"....practice makes perfect but it is finding the time to practice that is the hard part.
Best go crack on before I lose my mojo!
Until next time...catch ya later Special Llama's