Thursday, 9 April 2015

Morning all & what a beautiful morning it is here in Cardiff.
Another lovely day that I will miss out on as I am sat crafting away on orders LOL.
It is great to be busy, & I enjoy what I do so I am not complaining.....much 😊

All this week I have been busy on commissioned pieces, eight in have been crafting like a maniac! (To the detriment of the housework).
Normally I would hand these pieces over, forget to take pictures, & be apologising here for the lack of new posts......
Shock horror....I remembered to take a few pics of two of the makes, &, am putting them in this post!
I amaze myself sometimes.

Today will be filled with more crafting, cleaning, washing, ironing, & at some point I do have to brave the outside world & go shopping. Tomorrow I have a day of crafting planned at Nics house. We don't often get the chance to craft together so am looking forward to it,  & I am sure there will be wine involved at some point so Happy Days!
I need to keep going before I lose my until next time. Catch ya later Special Llama's.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lil Beasties

Sneak peek of something new...
I am trying to fit in a little polymer clay fun inbetween all the paper crafting & wreath making.
Busy times ahead. 😊