Friday, 31 May 2013

Only Words

I am just loving these cupcakes! This is for me! I will be making a few other matching pieces to go in my bedroom, I may add some butterflies to it, & was thinking of mounting it on a little stand which I will decorate to match.

I used actual old book pages to make the flowers which were left over from another project that I have yet to share....mainly because I have yet to finish it lol. I need a whole load of pearls which I need to go & buy, maybe next week.

Lol I've done it again! Just realized I stamped the tag & then placed the words on top after I photographed it! Will add another pic tomorrow to show the change. I am getting so bad for doing that.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A sweet little thankyou

I made this as a thankyou for Nics mum as she saved the day at the wedding by lending me a fascinator.

I saw Msliberty25 G45 designs on youtube & loved her cakestand, so I thought a cupcake would make a fab thankyou gift.

They are so easy to make & very pretty. I am going to make a few more as gifts & want to make myself one with book papers.

I added some butterflies after I photographed it ( just because), & am pleased with my first attempt.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Having a melt down!

Am trying to pack for the wedding & cannot find my pull you in pants! This could be a disaster lol.
Am running around like a lunatic trying to get myself sorted & sorting out the old folk for the weekend, when all I really want to do is get started on my next project.
No crafting for me for the next 3-4 that will be tough going, especially when I have new projects I want to start.
Am looking forward to Chris & Sams wedding on the family farm though, lots of laughter & alcohol....that makes me happy!
So until next week, catch ya later special Llama's.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Talking to myself

After an incredibly busy day trying to get myself organised for a friends wedding this weekend ( still haven' t sorted shoes yet!), I decided (to help me relax) I would do a little colouring in.
I purchased some of Megan K Suarez' digi stamps (very inexpensive) & thought I would have a play. I love them!
So much so I have a whole load of new projects I want to do with them. I want to play some more first to get to grips with colours etc before I start anything big, but I should imagine I will have pictures to share by middle of next week.
(I would say sooner, but I am away all weekend & will no doubt need a day or two to recover from the wedding!).
Although saying that maybe my crafting skills would improve with hangover....who knows?

Speaking of skills....I am considering doing a few art courses in night school, or on line. I need all the help I can get lol.
I am feeling a little restricted in what I am capable of doing & thought learning some new techniques may help. To be completely honest I am getting frustrated. I don't feel as though I am moving forward.....I just do the same stuff over & over.

Woe is me LOL.

A friend of mine asked me why I bother with this blog as I have only 3 subbies so obviously nobody is interested.....( she must have looked to know that!)....I told her I  didn't really care about that, & I mostly do it for myself. I like the sound of my own voice!
It did make me stop & think about it though. I could just stick to my fb page & dump the blog.
I see other peoples blogs with lots of encouraging comments & wonder
" Am I talking to myself?"

Monday, 20 May 2013

Something for Me!

Where to begin....I made this light shade for my bedroom,

 I was so excited to put it up I have ripped the top....AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!!
I was balancing on my bed trying to fix it to the pendant & as I am soo short I couldn't see properly & it ripped. I am gutted. It doesn't show but I know it is broken which will now plague me every time I look at it.
I will have to make another one & get some-one tall to put it up for me.
Very annoying!

Apart from that I have been working on a few other pieces which I will share soon. Right now though I am going to take my frustration out on my art journal.....needless to say that they will be dark & moody pages.
I hope everyone else is having a better day than me!

Until next time catch ya later special Llama's........

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Whilst I am waiting for the glue to dry on my current project I thought I may aswell post another piece. 
This is another altered book, again using a Graphic 45 collection (Love their papers!).
I considered turning this into a clock, but changed my mind, instead I think I will make a mini album to go inside. Just something simple with room for some photo's. I will add pics to this post when I get it finished (sounds familiar lol).

I'm a Lady!

Here is another finished project that I meant to post yesterday but forgot. My plan was to post a project a day, as I have lots to share....some good....some bad....& some in between lol.

This was made from an 8x8 canvas using Graphic 45 A ladies Diary collection. I had no idea what I was going to do when I started this so it was a real just go with the flow piece. Looking at it now I would have done a few things differently but hey ho. I think it turned out OK though, so it's all good.

I meant to curl each front piece (like the right) but I got distracted & stuck them flat, which was a real shame.
It looks a little odd now, but that was my mistake, that's why the front pieces were not mitred.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sign of the times!

Two posts in one day! Madness!
I have finally finished the hanging sign that I have been working on for WEEKS! It is really difficult to photograph as I have nowhere to hang it so apologies for the rubbish photo's. I do believe you can see my reflection in the photo below lol.

                                      It hangs from two hooks with shackles attached to the chain

                  This is the reverse side. He wanted the two sides completely different to eachother.

                                            Lol, the letters are straight it my photo that is wonky!

New creations!

Hello all my special Llamas! I have had a great few days of creative happiness.
There are lots of projects to share, but will start with this simple book clock that I made last night.
It is a working clock, & I love it!
I have made more of these in different sizes & styles. (I get a bit obsessed when it comes to clocks!).

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A tiny sneak peek

It seems as though I haven't shared anything in a while so I thought I would give you a tiny peek at something I am working on.
It is nearly finished so will post lots of pics soon.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The penny has finally dropped!

I was asked the other week if I could make a BIG air balloon (not  steampunk)
After thinking about it for AGES (lol)...I have finally thought of an idea that is soo simple I feel a fool for not thinking of it before.
I think its because I haven't drunk enough wine lately.
That will be rectified this weekend!