Monday, 20 May 2013

Something for Me!

Where to begin....I made this light shade for my bedroom,

 I was so excited to put it up I have ripped the top....AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!!
I was balancing on my bed trying to fix it to the pendant & as I am soo short I couldn't see properly & it ripped. I am gutted. It doesn't show but I know it is broken which will now plague me every time I look at it.
I will have to make another one & get some-one tall to put it up for me.
Very annoying!

Apart from that I have been working on a few other pieces which I will share soon. Right now though I am going to take my frustration out on my art journal.....needless to say that they will be dark & moody pages.
I hope everyone else is having a better day than me!

Until next time catch ya later special Llama's........

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