Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Something new

Well what can I say but Oh my days never again lol.....This car has driven me to distraction all day!
After four hours of sanding, painting, guilding, glueing (& alot of cursing under my breath), I have finally finished it....phew.
Not one piece fitted as it shoud have, so I had to improvise. It was tough going & at times I nearly smashed it up but I kept going & I am glad I did, as I do quite like the end result.
I will add more pictures to this post on Thurs so you can have a proper look.
I am trying to make like mad to get more goodies to take to the flea market, but I seem to be on a go slow this week. Last week I managed to do quite a bit including making a HUGE to do list for this week but if I am honest I think I have been a little too ambitious & forgot to factor in things like housework, shopping & sleeping lol.
I am about to revise said list & give myself a few weeks to get it all done.
It is time for me say goodnight & to get some sleep as once again I have been working past midnight & my alarm is set for 6am. (I need every bit of beauty sleep I can get lately).
So until next time...catch ya later Special Llama's.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Having a hoot!

So last night I decided to put together an owl puzzle that I've had for a few weeks.
Oh my days what a nightmare! The instructions were pants so I ended up ignoring them & trying to figure it out myself.....3 hours later & this is what I got.
I did use all the pieces (although I have to admit that I know for sure some are in the wrong place lol), which is impressive for me as normally I have bits left over whenever I make models.
I know I am going to regret saying this but I want to make more! It was torture but I love the finished piece. I have a few idea's as to what I would like to do with them so I am going to have to suck it up & make more, so watch out for more owls!

What else have I been up to.....trying to squeeze as many new makes into my day as possible....lots to do & my days seem to be flying so finding a few hours to craft has been tough. Have pulled a few late nighters to get pieces finished which was possibly a bad under eye luggage is beyond ridiculous LOL.
When I get everything finished I have promised myself a lie-in & a lazy day filled with lots of nana naps. It has been a while since I enjoyed a "me" day.

I have cards to make next (not my favourite thing to, but needs must), then I can get started on a wreath for my sister.
Looking forward to tha, after that who knows.

Time to has just gone midnight & my alarm is set for 6am so I need to get some sleep.
So until next time...catch ya later special Llama's.

Friday, 9 January 2015

More Polymer clay makes!

Evening all....I hope everyone has started the new year well & happy.
My new year started with a bang literally lol....our electrics blew on new years eve & we were without electricity & central heating right up until yesterday! We had to have a re-wire....Stressfull times. is all sorted now & today I even managed to fit a little crafting in!
My obsession with polymer clay is still going strong so that is what I decided to craft with today.
I made a few pixies prior to the electrics drama so I managed to bake my makes today...I will share one with you tonight (as it's the only one I photographed)...& share the rest next week.
Now as you all know I am new to this so I am still learning as I go so my makes are not amazing creations (you have been warned); I am keeping it as simple as I can until I am confident with using the clay.
Hope you like her....until next time...Catch ya later Special Llama's