Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Something new

Well what can I say but Oh my days never again lol.....This car has driven me to distraction all day!
After four hours of sanding, painting, guilding, glueing (& alot of cursing under my breath), I have finally finished it....phew.
Not one piece fitted as it shoud have, so I had to improvise. It was tough going & at times I nearly smashed it up but I kept going & I am glad I did, as I do quite like the end result.
I will add more pictures to this post on Thurs so you can have a proper look.
I am trying to make like mad to get more goodies to take to the flea market, but I seem to be on a go slow this week. Last week I managed to do quite a bit including making a HUGE to do list for this week but if I am honest I think I have been a little too ambitious & forgot to factor in things like housework, shopping & sleeping lol.
I am about to revise said list & give myself a few weeks to get it all done.
It is time for me say goodnight & to get some sleep as once again I have been working past midnight & my alarm is set for 6am. (I need every bit of beauty sleep I can get lately).
So until next time...catch ya later Special Llama's.

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