Friday, 9 January 2015

More Polymer clay makes!

Evening all....I hope everyone has started the new year well & happy.
My new year started with a bang literally lol....our electrics blew on new years eve & we were without electricity & central heating right up until yesterday! We had to have a re-wire....Stressfull times. is all sorted now & today I even managed to fit a little crafting in!
My obsession with polymer clay is still going strong so that is what I decided to craft with today.
I made a few pixies prior to the electrics drama so I managed to bake my makes today...I will share one with you tonight (as it's the only one I photographed)...& share the rest next week.
Now as you all know I am new to this so I am still learning as I go so my makes are not amazing creations (you have been warned); I am keeping it as simple as I can until I am confident with using the clay.
Hope you like her....until next time...Catch ya later Special Llama's

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