Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Getting to grips with polymer clay...

Where to begin?......
I have been desperate to have a go with polymer clay for ages...never used it before, had no clue what to do with it (after I had bought it), & no time to play with it.
Until today.

Today my plans were to make a configurations box for the flea market & prep a few other makes but those plans went right out the window after my paper trimmer broke & my Tim Holtz scissors completetly vanished.
This left me in a craftless state which is not good as I am supposed to be resting, & a bored "me" is a nightmare.
Whilst having a good moan on the phone to Nicola I suddenly remembered all the polymer clay I have bought & never used...
Happy days...time to play & get crafty with something new.

Well what can I say other than I am hooked! I had absolutely no clue what I was doing lol but I loved it!
Now I know this little character is not original, but I had to start somewhere.
For my very first attempt I am quite chuffed. It is no master piece but it is a start & if you squint a bit & don't look to closely it looks OK.
I haven't baked her yet (& am really nervous about that), I am building up the courage to do it.....I can see me having a whole shelf of unbaked little fimo makes in a few months time lol.

In my head I have made lots of ambitious little characters which I am sure after a few years of practice I can attempt...but for now I think I should just keep it simple.
All I need to do now is get everything made for the pitch so I can play some more....
Soo exciting to try something new....watch this space Special Llama's I have a new obsession!

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