Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Still sorting my craft stuff out, nearly finished, I just need a few more boxes. Its been weeks since I have done any crafting & it is driving me mad! I have to make a few cards so am hopefully going to be doing those tomorrow afternoon. Aswell as stamping some images for a fellow crafter & posting those off as promised. Better late than never!

I will be starting a friends Birthday prezzie soon, which I am looking forward to. Unfortunately I cant say too much incase she gets nosey & checks out this blog. I may post a few sneeky peaks though.

I am really looking forward to getting creative again, I really want to try new things & push myself to see what I can come up with. Have a few clocks to finish off before I start anything new, plus I am waiting for some stuff I need to be delivered, which has been a massive pain as been waiting since JULY!
I did manage to get hold of a load of 2mm chipboard sheets though so that made me happy.

Hopefully I will have some pics of new creations soon & not just me babbling on. Watch this space.

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