Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Watching paint dry!

What a day I have had.....so to help me chill out I thought I would make a start on my name!
I have gesso'd all the letters so when I decide on the final finish I can just crack on.
I can't decide if I want them all the same, ie all shabby or all steampunk, or whether I am going to go ecclectic & do a different style for each letter?
Does that make sense?

I know I showed a little peak of another project yesturday, but am waiting for a new glue gun to arrive...so am sort of stuck on that at the mo.

I have'nt done any wedding invites today, so I am behind but I just do not want to any tonight, just not feeling the love, & they need to be perfect. Will try & do another 25 tomorrow.

In the mean time I need to decide what to do with my letters!!!!

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