Sunday, 3 February 2013

Getting a bit miffed now.

I am getting fed up with how much craft stuff costs.
I want to try out new media's & be more creative & experimental but I just can't afford it.

But, I can moan about it!

There are 101 punches, dies, stamps, embellishments, tools, inks, paints, papers, & alterable stuff that I need (want) to enable me to create on a new level.

I see fabulous inspiration from other crafters on blogs & Youtube, & think "I want to have a go at that"; but when I cost up what I need I feel deflated as I know it aint ever happening!

Since giving up smoking I have bought lots of great stuff, but there is always more; always something I don't have but need in order to make what my imagination see's.

Craft stores in my local area are s***, for want of a better word.
I look on line, & have found a couple of good stores but even they don't have everything I want, then I have to pay postage as I can't afford to spend the "free postage" amount.
Am getting tired of trawling through Ebay looking for bargains & then getting out bid because some moron bids over the odds ( slighty bitter there I think lol).

I'd love to start entering competitions to win some crafting goodies ( stop never know), but I don't know how to link a picture from my blog to another (again....stop laughing; I can't help being an ejit!)

Should I stop moaning now? There is soo much more I could say. Like why are decent paper trimmers soo expensive? (& as you have probably guessed I don't own one of those either).
I could go on & on but that would be extremely boring. Cathartic for me though!

Rant over....for now!  I think I just have to face the sad truth that my crafting abilities (being the beginner that I am), have to go hand in hand with my budget.

What a bummer!

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