Friday, 1 February 2013

Insomnia' s a B****!

It is now 2am & I am sat here crafting. I haven't slept properly for weeks & it is doing my head in now!
My patience is wearing thin...especially on public transport! Zero tolerance for stinky people on the peasant carriage this morning!
Come on people....please start bathing....a bit of soap & some water...not too much to ask!
I am sat ( would say patiently but that would be a massive lie) waiting for my crackle glaze to dry on some butterflies.
I have backed away from the hot glue gun, as last night I took the skin off my fingers!
Whilst waiting I have checked out a few blogs....LMAO off at The Gentleman crafter's (justifiable) rant at the lack of bronze eyelets/brads available in quantities above 6 in local craft stores.
He does make me laugh sometimes. Very talented artist. Loads of inspiration to be found on his blog & You tube.
Am bored of prepping stuff for projects now. I aren't start on something new at this time....I know what I'm like, I would still be sat here at 8am getting annoyed that I have to back away & sort my mum out.
Time to pack up, go to bed & read a book. Hopefully I will get a few hours sleep & get rid of the bags I am carrying under my eyes....looks like Ive packed for an around the world trip!
Until next time...catch you later special Llama's xx

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