Sunday, 24 February 2013

Somethings gotta change

Ok, so I have been thinking about trying to sort out some sort of craft space of my own & stop hogging the dining table. It is a massive pain to keep having to put my craft stuff away & clean up all my mess every time I craft. I am losing all spontaneity & it is also seriously bugging my mother.

Lol just realised how bad that sounds...let me explain. When I separated from my husband a few years back I had to move back in with my parents which was challenging for all parties concerned lol.
As it turned out my parents actually needed some help (my dad is 80 & my mums 76), so I help them out with day to day stuff & it has worked out ok.

My only issue is that I have NO space of my own other than my bedroom, which makes crafting very difficult. Getting back to my dilemma.... I am thinking I could move my wardrobe out to the vacant space on the landing, sell my lovely oak side board (the only thing I took with me from my previous life), & move my craft stuff upstairs. It would be a tight squeeze but I might, just might be able to fit in some sort of desk & chair plus my ikea units around my double bed.

Would it be madness? Probably but I have to do something. I cannot be doing with my mothers nagging & moaning (not that I really blame her it is a pain in the arse), it makes me feel like a teenager again, but not in a good way. I am going to measure up tomorrow & see if it can be done. Here's hoping!

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