Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Creative Insomnia strikes

It is 3.30am & I am wide awake. Needless to say I am not happy about this, but my brain just will not shut down long enough for me to get some sleep.

I am sat up in bed jotting down a whole load of ideas into my projects journal. Who knows, maybe I will get around to making them all (especially if my insomnia persists).

Some of the ideas are quite good & I will make them, others are maybe a little too ambitious & will possibly remain in writing never to be made.

I am still sourcing bits for up- coming projects. Am bidding on a few items from ebay that fingers crossed remain within my budget.
Also I am after more metal foil tape for some steampunk projects. I need lots of it so am looking for a cheaper alternative to the Ranger sheets.

Is this enough insomnia babble? Am just trying to waste time until it is a fairly decent hour to get up & start making noise without the old folk thinking we are being burgled.

My kindle is coming into play. I need a boring book that will send me off to sleep.
It is now 4am ( I have been searching for a book to read on amazon), so I think a couple of hours more & I will get up. If I am lucky I may even snooze for a short time before then.

Look out everyone tomorrow, I am going to be one seriously grumpy fat bird (who has to also go do a food shop, which I hate at the best of times).
I do not think it wise to unleash the beast (that would be me) on the general public tomorrow, especially not in M&S lol.

Until next time.....

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