Wednesday, 20 March 2013

No pictures sorry.

It is nearly 11pm & I am shattered.
Managed to get the ink & glue off my fingers tonight lol.
Have nearly finished another project, am just trying to decided what embellishments (if any) to add.
This one didn't take long at all, as it was a simple cut & stick project.
I was going to wait for the new Tim Holtz "French industrial" paper collection, but I am rubbish at waiting. (My lack of patience has caused many a crafting disaster/regret).
It seems I have been waiting an absolute age for this collection to become available.
I will just have to come up with more ideas as to what I can use it for.
Lately I seem to be having a crafting frenzy.
Am going to have to slow down or I will have nothing left to craft with!
I think I might do a bit of journaling, & give all the altered stuff a rest for a while.
It will be hard to back away from the chipboard lol, but I must show restraint. (yeah right, I have no comprehension as to what that word means).
I am going to run out of room to store these creations if I carry on like I am. Am making Birthday gifts for people who's Birthdays aren't until the end of the year!
Sadly without a studio or craft space to call my own this crafting frenzy will soon have to stop anyway. I am sure the old folk will want thier dining table back soon, bless em.
Gives me a chance to try & start saving my pennies for all the crafty goodies that I am sure I will want/need.
I really do need to win the lottery & soon!

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