Monday, 25 March 2013

Time flies!

Here is the beginnings of my clock. It took me ages to decide what design I wanted to use. I toyed with shabby industrial, vintage, bright & sparkly but in the end reverted back to good old steam punk.
Which means cogs, cogs & yes you've guessed it MORE COGS!
When I have put it all together in the assemblage clock I will take a picture, (well when I say I, I mean my niece lol).

I will do more of these as I am obsessed with clocks so figured I could do one of each style. Now that thought makes me extremely happy!

I used the Xcut die for the cogs, using gild to give them a metal look. The background & butterfly I used foil tape. This is a working clock it ticks & everything LOL.

There is a much larger clock in the works in fact there are two on the go. Am still sourcing some of the materials I need for the one, but am hoping it should be completed by the end of next week.

Luckily I am free to craft for the next few days with hardly any interruption, which means I am free to experiment. Happy days!

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