Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Decisions Decisions

Insomnia has taken hold again so am blogging from bed on my phone to stave off boredom: & to save me from watching Skyfall for the hundredth time.
Be prepared for some sleep deprived ramblings....

I am currently working on a design for a hanging sign & my mind is bursting with possibilities.
Too many ideas, it is going to be tough to narrow it down to a final few designs.
I want it to be bold, & am toying with bright eye catching shades of red, blue, green, mustard.
I change my mind every half hour lol.
I will get there eventually. Normally I start something with an idea in mind, then once I get going it goes in a whole new direction.
Am waiting on measurments for lettering in different fonts,so as soon as I have those I will have more of an idea on style.

Changing the subject....I have been working on a piece that I think is cool (thats probably a dead give away that no one who has seen it so far likes it, except for my mother lol).
I am just making tags & other bits for it but should be done with it in a few days so will post pictures. Would love your opinions on it...good or bad!

It is doubtful I will have any quality time to craft tomorrow as I have to go & buy a new washing machine.
Thats three appliances that have given up the ghost...Kettle, washing machine & boiler!
I am a little tempted to take the old washing machine apart to see if there are any components I could use or alter lol. You never know.

Just incase anyone is interested my friend Nic loved her birthday shoes. As this post has no crafty pictures here is a picture of the birthday girl opening her prezzies!

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