Friday, 4 October 2013

Hot glue = pain!

Whilst trying to deal with the boiler breakdown, & patiently waiting for my crafty supplies to arrive; I have kept myself amused by making fabric flowers.
I wasn't planning on using them yet but got so fed up tonight that I got creative & started a little project.
Once again though, instead of thinking ahead & planning out my placings & embellishments I just threw myself into sticking things down & rushing through it.
So much so that I forgot to add layers that I had cut & distressed.
Hey ho, will just have to make another one so I can use them.
Am sharing a little glimpse, as I have yet to finish it....not that I have a ton of other projects thats are waiting to be finished & shared lol.
This is one of those projects that could have turned out soo much better. I never learn though, I still craft in chaos.
I need to wash off all the paint & glue & get to bed, it is nearly 1 am & need my beauty sleep.
Until next time....catch ya later special Llama's

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