Friday, 28 March 2014


Phew...just managed to get this finished in time for mothering Sunday. I thought I would make my mum something other than a card...
(have been making so many cards lately I was losing the will to live lol).
I really enjoy making these... I sit infront of the tv punching out hundreds of flowers (OK...slight exageration but not far off)...then sit & shape them & layer them ready for the next stage.
The pearls I bought off ebay by the 1000 so I can be generous with them.
After making this one I am planning to make a few more but shorter & without the bunting & bows.
I also want to make a a small wreath so I really will be making "hundreds" of paper flowers!
Looking forward to a lazy weekend..just me, a glass of wine & my glue gun.....Happy days.

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  1. Do you have instructions on how to make this cupcake? I love this! So cute!