Friday, 4 July 2014

Wedding sign

Is it Friday today? Wow have I lost complete track of time this week!
Off to the theatre tomorrow night with my friend, looking forward to it!
Anyway....I thought I would share a wedding sign I was asked to make.
I used the Americana chalky finish paint, but disappointed with the coverage. It left streaks & darker patches, which even after 3 coats were still visable.
Great for a distressed look but not for a perfect finished.
I think it is only the darker colours that do this as had no issues with the lighter ranges.
Even though I sealed the vinyls in mod podge I still had a little seepage.
Saying that the vinyls I used were a nighmare to get off the backing sheet.
What should have been a ten minute job took me over an hour & a half.
I thought I had gotten rid of any lifts & gaps but obviously not.
Learnt a few lessons for next time.

I am expecting a huge parcel of crafty goodness today which makes me very happy. If I remember to take a picture I will share it with you!

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