Monday, 17 November 2014

Losing my marbles!

So today I wake up with the intention of making some serious headway on orders & makes ready for the Craft fair on Saturday & the Christmas Market on Sunday.....I have 4 days to get everything made & finished....panicing just a tad.
I need to do soo much that my head is "to do" list is just out of control LOL...I am sure someone is adding things to the list when my back is turned.
My time management skills have left the building....leaving me to fumble my way through the day in a complete crafting coma....normally I am able to juggle 3 or 4 projects/makes & cook & clean the house.
Not today! This will help explain my state of mind by 5pm today......I spent an hour looking for my hot glue gun...I am starting to pull every box off the shelving units....pulling out all the contents of each box....where on earth have I put it? I had it Friday....I used it!!!!!! Panic.....
It was in the fridge! I kid you not....I must have randomly put it in there earlier when I was prepping for dinner. Told you....crafting coma!
Anyway it is now 1am & am about to wash off the paint & glue & go crash out in bed...fingers crossed I can be a little more productive tomorrow.
Here is a little peek at something that will be coming to the fair on Saturday...
Will post full pics of all the new makes when they are finished...hopefully in time.
Wish me luck my special Llama's...I am going to need it!

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