Thursday, 6 November 2014

Steampunk letters

The amount of interest in the steampunk & vintage makes has been mad. I won't be making any more until the new year, I just don't have the time.
Once Christmas is out of the way I want to start working on a brand new project, I am just in the planning stages & starting to design it out. Looking forward to getting creative with it.
Here are a few pics of a couple of steampunk/vintage letters that I made for someone. They are chunky 18mm×150mm free standing letters. They do look fab on a shelf...the pictures don't really do them justice.
If I get the time (or insomnia strikes), I may do a few frames & mirrors.
I still need to do my family makes...trying not to panic lol.
Anyway enough of my ramblings....until next time, catch ya later special Llama's!


  1. Hi Leah! My son is crazy about clocks, and I was trying to look for something exactly like this to have up on his wall with the letters of his name. Do you make these for sale? If so, I would love to talk more with you on this. I can be reached at Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

  2. Hi Leah,
    We're getting married THIS August, and I was wondering if you could make something similar to this but smaller for the back of our chairs? Do you sell them? It could be either the letter of his last name, or Mr. and Mrs.... up to whatever you think works best, however I think just the letter would be awesome. Maybe even one that hangs between our chairs! You're the creative so I'll kind of let you help me decide based on what works. :) I hope we can buy one or two, thanks! My email is :)

  3. Hi I am looking for a ' HOME' letter sign for my daughters new place. Do you sell these?

  4. i want one so bad!! i will buy one if you sell them. email me at

  5. Please let me know if you sell these. Daughter is having Steampunk wedding. Email is

  6. I need two! please email me

  7. Do you sell these? Please email