Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lot's to do

After a very busy day at the flea market I came home to a whole load of housework (😢) but I am  now finally able to sit down & take five minutes to relax.

Today I was painting & prepping all the freestanding letters ( full alphabet this time), ready to steampunk up, to go with the hotair balloons & clocks I am working on.
Nic sat & cut hundreds of cogs & after nearly losing the will to live we managed to get it all ready to move on to the next stage. (I forget how much work is involved in making these). We always have a laugh though so that helps.
That's my day sorted tomorrow. It is great that we can craft in the flea market.....I would be pulling alot of all nighters if not.
Once these letters are finished I am looking forward to working with polymer clay again. I want to make some bookworms for some teachers gifts, & some fairies for some girly makes.
Tonight I am sharing some random pictures of what I have been up to these last few weeks....
Until next time, catch ya later Special Llamas...

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