Thursday, 28 March 2013

Frustration is over rated!

I am trying to print images of Marilyn Monroe for a project I am working on & I am having an absolute nightmare! The quality is dreadful & I am at a loss as how to improve it. At this rate I am going to have to cut  up a book, which is very naughty but I don't see another option.

I am seriously spitting my dummy out of my pram over this. I know other people download images & print them with no bother what so ever, so, I am either being a complete & utter numpty, or, well there is no "or" LOL. I am just incompetent.

Moaning about it isn't helping either (normally I love a good rant), looks like destruction of a perfectly good book it is then. All I have to do now is buy the book!

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