Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Not more Cogs!!!!

At 10pm tonight I decided to get creative.
It is now 11pm & I am sat cutting out cogs, butterflies & numbers. I must be mad.
I have no real plan or design in my head so no clue what I will end up with.
I am about to cut out a load of random words that I may use, not sure yet.
No doubt I will cast aside the majority of what I make to use on this piece.
It wouldn't suprise me if in the morning I don't like any of it & I just put it all away only to be looked at again in few months time, or never!
Why I start things like this at ridiculous o'clock I just do not know.
I am now covered in paint, gilding wax, glue & glossy accents.
At least I haven't glued myself to the cutting mat tonight. Well not yet anyway.

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