Saturday, 16 March 2013

More Boxes

My poor nails are ruined & I cannot get the ink off my hands lol. My hand actually hurts from the amount of crafting I have done over the weekend. I am not complaining as it makes me happy to craft.

Have made another 2 boxes & a load of notepads to go in them. One of them contains some scraps at the moment but am going to filling it with more notebooks, (as soon as I have made them)
They look quite cool. Made a few mistakes that I have learnt from, but they look OK (from a distance lol). .

Have lots more projects still to finish so will be busy for a while.
I have an idea for "bookends" that I want to try & also something involving a coat hanger....( not sure how that one will turn out lol....what I see in my head doesn't always translate to the real world).
I am also after a birdcage to alter...but am searching for one within my budget, so that might have to wait.
I haven't made a mini album for ages so might do one of those soon.
Anyway I am waffling again so until next time.....

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