Sunday, 2 June 2013

Anything goes

OK, so you know I mentioned in yesterdays post I was going to make a little stand for my vintage cupcake....well it has gone from little to HUGE LOL.
I have now decided to make it into a much bigger project. I made a start today, but I need a whole load of new supplies (some of which I am currently bidding on Ebay for).

The more I stared at the cupcake the more ideas I had, so in my infinite wisdom I have decided to combine all my ideas & create one big display piece. I must be mad.....I have no fixed plan or design just a rough idea, so I am just going to go with the flow & keep my fingers crossed it turns out looking OK, & not one big giant disaster!
Anything goes is my motto for this project. It is for me to keep so who cares! It involves me trying my hand at making my own charms which I have never done before, but have wanted to have a go at for a while.
I should imagine it will be quite a while until I get this finished (waiting for supplies etc), but will try & post little teasers & updates along the way. I may even have to do a shout out for some advice, so if anyone does actually read my blog please be kind & help me out if you can.

I did have a photo of a little project to share today, but I have accidentally deleted it (being the numpty that I am), so unfortunately this is it for it for today. So until next time...
Catch ya later special Llama's.x

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