Saturday, 22 June 2013


After a week of being too busy to craft, I have the whole weekend to get creative (huge smiley face).
I decided to make a start on a commission for a Paris themed mini album that I have been asked to make for a 12yr old girl.
Great excuse to use the Prima collection I have had for a while.
Thinking I was being clever, I decided to not only prep for that album, but also a vintage album I am making (as they are the same size).
Sounds like a good idea....well it wasn't lol.
I got distracted & instead of using the red envelopes for the Paris mini, I mistakenly uses the cream envelopes I prepped for the vintage mini!.
I didn't realise my mistake until I was 3 pages in, by which time it was to late as I didn't have enough of the Prima papers to start again. (very sad face).
I am gutted as now I hate it. You know when you can sort of see the finished product in your head, & you have planned all the co-ordinating inserts & tags etc, well now I have to change track & I think it looks awfull.
I could order another pad of the Prima papers & start again, but thats just more expence, & time.
That will teach me to prep in advance. From now on I am going to stick to my normal chaotic go with the flow way of crafting.
Mess is best for me!
Will post some pics when I am done.
I am definately opening that bottle of red tonight!
Hope everyones crafty adventures are happier than mine today....
Until next time....Catch ya later special Llama's.

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