Friday, 26 July 2013

Creative Chaos

Wow...what a mess I have made.
I am going to try & justify it by saying I am still poorly & just don't have the energy to tidy up.
Today it was a choice between doing the laundry & cooking dinner or cleaning up my crafty mess, you can see which choice lost.
I have to clear up in the morning & get organised, as I can't find anything I am looking for amongst the mountain of mess!
This project is on hold until I can get more papers anyway.
I have made stupid mistakes on it & need a break. Should never have started it whilst being ill. My concentration levels are serious lacking.

I may (when I have a clear surface), start something new. Something simple & quick. No clue what that could be right now. Depends how I feel after the clean up.
If today was anything to go by I will be taking a nanna nap! Out cold in the chair this afternoon catching flies or so I was told.

Thats it for tonight it's late & I am shattered.
Catch ya later special Llama's

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