Sunday, 18 May 2014

Getting organized

After weeks (month's) of putting off sorting out my craft stuff, I have finally made a start.
     I decided to go down the "cd" route to store some of my acrylic stamps. It was a cheap solution & is working out ok. I can add an extra rack & keep expanding if (or rather when) I buy more stamps.
I would have prefered DVD cases but couldn't find clear ones anywhere.
I have ordered some plastic storage boxes for my 12x12 paper pads which I can label & stack ontop of my unit. I am going to attach a clear A4 sealable bag inside the lid for scraps that correspond with the pads stored in each box.....that way I will no longer have to spend ages rummaging through a big box of scrap searching for that one elusive piece of paper.

Having no craft room is a nightmare & my ever expanding supplies are in chaos, so my mission next week is to get as organized as possible before I need to start on new projects.

Still lots to do but I am getting there. Can't to get it finished & get crafting!

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