Thursday, 25 September 2014

A little fairy magic

I keep forgetting to update this blog! I am such a bad blogger....
Insomnia has been my companion over the last few weeks so my head has well & truly been in the shed. I have been on auto pilot getting through my days, & crafting or reading through the night.

Tonight I am sharing some new fairy doors I have been making.....the only reason these came about is due to the lack of sleep....I was fed up with doing the letters & other bits ready for the craft fayres & wanted to do something different. For my first attempt am quite pleased.
They are a bit quirky....I like the distressed look of them & prefer them this way.
I cut them out myself ( at 2 in the morning!), using a handsaw.
By 8am they were all finished! (I made 5 in total).
I've put these 3 up on facebook to see if anyone wants them....the others I will give away as Christmas gifts.
If there is enough demand I will make more....I've also made up some little fairy dust bottles to go with them.

It is now 1am & I am sat finishing off a whole load of letters ready for the weekend. I actually feel like I could sleep tonight so am off to wash the paint & glue off & head on up to bed.
I just thought I had better get something on here as it's been a while.
So until next time.....catch ya later Special Llama's.

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