Monday, 29 September 2014

Insomnia is wrecking me!

I just can't sleep!.......
In the last 3 weeks I would say I have slept a total of 26hrs. I am running on auto pilot. The lack of beauty sleep is really starting to take its toll. I will need to employ a porter soon to carry my under eye bags around all day.
It is now nearly 2am....I have to be up at 6.
I am wide awake.
My eyes are swollen, bloodshot & dry as a bone.
Moaning about it helps though.

Crafting was hard work today. I have alot to get done this week. Lots of orders & prepping for the Vintage fayre I am doing next Sunday.
I don't have alot of spare time this week....tomorrow ( or rather today) I am looking after Nics son, Tues shopping & taking my mum out, Weds delivering orders & catching up on the washing & housework etc...
If my insomnia lasts the week I can craft through to the early hours (with the aid of eye drops).

Anyway enough of me rambling on.....The picture I am sharing tonight is of some girly makes...letters, cards canvases etc.
Will share more soon.
Until then.....catch ya later special Llamas

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